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It's time to take your driver's test! In this slow-paced, action-packed simulator, go through the Department of Motor Vehicles and pass the most important test of your life. Can you pass, or will you fail and disappoint everyone you love?


  • Riveting gameplay
  • 30 whole minutes of playtime minimum
  • Stunning visuals
  • Fully voice acted by various sane individuals


Ronan Cords - Test Scene Maker and Cone Man

Bee DeFeo - Starving Asset Artist and Audio Creation

Cameron Emanuel - Resident Masochist Programmer

Mea Walsh - DMV Scene Maker and German

Elliot Zopatti - The Voices (and Emotional Support)

Asset Credits:

Bench by Ev Amitay [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza

Lab Desk by Colonel Cthulu [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza

Doorway Front byKenney

Monitor by Poly by Google [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza

Car byQuaternius


DMVBuild.zip 52 MB


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so action packed!


this is so slay guys